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Ms. Mary Bellone


Father Thomas Leach

Mary Queen of Heaven Church

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Sep. 3 8:15:am - 11:40:am
School Begins


Sep. 4 8:15:am - 11:40:am
Half Day


Sep. 5 8:15:am - 11:40:am
Half Day


Many of our students benefit from the generosity of our donors as well as the diocese to attend Mary Queen of Heaven on a full or partial scholarship. Scholarships at Mary Queen of Heaven include:


The Gerald Atwood Scholarship

This scholarship, awarded in memory of Gerald Atwood, is awarded to two 7th graders going into the 8th grade. Criteria includes a respectful attitude towards others, demonstration of responsibility and Christian values, and community service.


The Mary Schiralli Scholarship

Awarded to a 7th grade Altar Server who demonstrates the qualities of responsibility and Christian values, and community service.


Bishop's Scholarship

Awarded to students who are new to Catholic schools. Currently, we have 20 students receiving over $27,000 in scholarship money.


PSAS (Private School Aid Service)

An income-based partial scholarship. Currently, over 30 students at Mary Queen of Heaven receive between $500-$1400 per year.


FIE Angels

We currently have 4 students receiving Angel Scholarships totalling almost $6,000.


High School Scholarships

Each year, members of our graduating class have been awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships towards Catholic high schools.

Additionally, in the past 7 years, we have had 5 students accepted to the prestigious Regis High School on full scholarships.